Tipsy Haiku

Sometimes I feel like my soil is so dry, the rain just glances off of it.

Scalding hot cheeses

Burning my mouth, Oh Jesus.

It’s exquisite pain.

The timing of this

Is so scary it’s funny.

So once a year then?

Delicious scheming

What else can I do right now?

Live, learn and beyond.

It’s okay to be

exactly where I am now.

Ugly as it is.

Some precious “moments” —

music, whiskey, furtive looks —

and some weird ones too.

I sat there listening,

And drank some Strongbow cider.

Then I was all, “PEACE!”

Whatever the fuck.

Oobla dooby la la la.

Haiku is so rad!


The messiness of it all

Compels us forward.


Crushes on the taken and

gay, like Tony K.